For the realization of the primary and specific goals, the Committee performs the activities mentioned below, (but not limited to if needed):

  • Improvement of the international trade policy

    Improvement of international trade policy process through prior discussions with business community on any new policy that has an impact on trade, periodic assessment of the impact of sectoral policies in Albania's trade policy, the discussion on the degree of trade policy approach on Common Commercial Policy proposed by the European Union, prior assessment of any new sectoral trade policy impacting on trade at an early stage of its proposal by various institutions; and coordination of work with all policy-making institutions to ensure that all trade-related policies are discussed and approved in advance at this committee.

  • Trade Facilitation

    Facilitating trade by providing coordination for international trade facilitation,reviewing international trade procedures in order to simplify and harmonize them, gathering and disseminating information on best practices related to procedures, documentation and other issues related to the facilitation of international trade; Proposing measures to simplify and standardize trade documentation based on international standards, promote technology and international standards on trade and transport, implement national projects and programs in the field of trade facilitation, including the creation of a "Single Window" at customs, coordinating activities under the trade facilitation agreement, supervising the implementation of trade facilitation agreements with Kosovo, and trade facilitation activities within CEFTA.
  • Improvement of trade facilitation legislation

    Improvement of legislation related to trade facilitation, by proposing legal acts and by-laws on trade facilitation and transport for government approval, following these legal acts and by-laws until their final approval, supporting the country's participation in international conventions related to trade facilitation.
  • Technological and institutional development in the field of trade

    Technological and institutional development in the field of trade through the development of national policies on trade investment  and the promotion and facilitation of the appropriate technologies development for trade, including information and communication technology; addressing issues related to institutional development, management of trade facilitation reforms and other related issues. 
  • Dissemination of information and capacity development

    Dissemination of information and capacity development, by organizing information and awareness campaigns for government and private sector on requirements of simplified procedures and documents and their benefits; organizing seminars for government and private sector to make them aware of the principles, practices and benefits of trade, distribute capacity building materials (manuals, leaflets, video) using constant sources of information (eg through website) for interest groups related to international trade facilitation processes.
  • Supporting negotiation processes

    Supporting negotiation processes, supporting trade facilitation negotiations at bilateral, regional and multilateral levels, acting as a national mechanism for trade facilitation coordination and the implementation of WTO Trade Facilitation Agreements, facilitating and actively participating in bilateral, regional and multilateral cooperation in the area of trade facilitation and related issues, and presenting and discussing trade barriers created in partner countries and preparing the counter-balance position in all cases with negative effects for economic operators.



  • "Bulevardi Dëshmorët e Kombit", Tirana, Albania
  • 04 220 02 45
    04 244 80 21
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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